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We realise that easy and affordable financing is an integral part of any motor vehicle purchase. To facilitate this we have provided a loan co-ordinator in-house who is available any time to meet with our customers and review their options and guide them along the best avenue for their particular needs.

The loans are packaged right there in-house and sent off to the respective financial institution for completion. We do this to ensure the following;

  • A speedy turnover time
  • Selection of the financial institution that best covers the need of the client
  • The customer does not have to go to a financial institution for a loan after selecting the vehicle
  • Once we prepare the file with the requirements needed ,it can be sent to any institution in the island

Once a few routine requirements are met, the loan is written immediately with approval within a period of 72-96 hours. We currently package loans for every financial institution in Jamaica and based on our experience we know exactly what is required by the respective loans officers. Once approved, all the customer has to put in place is the insurance for the vehicle. If the customers need financing for the insurance then Premium Insurance is also available.

Having received all the necessary paper work, Crichton Auto will license the car for you FREE OF COST. This leaves you the customer to get back to your activities of the day and you may pick-up the vehicle at your convenience.

The information needed for your loan application are as follows;

  • Job Letter
  • Last 3 pay slips
  • Photocopy of TRN and valid id
  • Passport size picture
  • 2 references ( from J.P, Lawyer, Pastor, etc)
  • Utility bills
  • Current &/or Savings account statements (3 months)
  • Existing loan / hire purchase balances and monthly payment
  • Self-employed – 1 year income / financial statement
  • Valuation (done by Crichton Automotive)
  • Pro-forma Invoice (done by Crichton Automotive)
  • Receipt of deposit (done by Crichton Automotive)
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